Wish I Knew Series

As a therapist for over twenty-years, I have seen the devastating effects people experience while going through life's difficult transitions, such as caregiving, grief, aging, stress, etc. This is why I decided to write the “Wish I Knew” series which addresses the REAL challenges, fears, communication problems, emotions, relationship changes, and lack of self-care that most people face while going through these difficult changes. By sharing what I wish I knew when I was a going through these life transitions, and providing the strategies, advice, and practical information that I’ve learned along the way, I hope to make someone else’s journey a little lighter and a lot more forgiving.
All of the books in the Wish I Knew series include a carefully constructed step by step, easy to absorb guide, workbook, and course to help you maintain optimum mental and emotional wellness as you learn to get through life’s challenging experiences more mindfully and gracefully.  Through concrete examples, self assessment quizzes, real-life stories, practical but quick exercises, insights and strategies, the Wish I Knew series will provide the help you need to tackle things like where and how to ask for help, what to do when you run out of energy, time, and patience, and especially how take care of yourself through it aIl.