Stress and Mental Wellness

7-Week Online Training Program

The Stress and Mental Wellness Online Training Program will teach you to make key shifts in your mental and emotional state in order to make lasting positive changes in your life. You will receive actionable tools, strategies, and insights to help you deal with stress and enhance your mental wellness. This program includes intensive online training and resources to help you:

  • Identify the underlying causes of stresss and learn how to deal with it
  • Enhance mental and emotional wellness
  • Break free from negative mental, emotional and behaviour patterns
  • Learn take charge of health and wellness needs 
  • Get committed to consistently doing what works
  • Create meaning, purpose, and fulfillment from the inside out

The Stress and Mental Health Online Training and Coaching Program includes: 

  • Teaching videos
  • Course readings
  • Worksheets
  • Daily Practical exercises


How It Works:

Within 24 hours of registering for this transformational online training program, you will receive your first email with instructions on how to participate. This is a fully online program that can be done from the privacy of your own home at times that are convenient for you. Everything you receive as part of this program is yours to keep and you will be able to refer back to it whenever you want.

Course Description: 

Week 1 – Introduction

In this introductory lesson, learn what is needed to live with less stress and more emotional freedom. Discover the need for commitment and discipline, listen to the prerequisites for making changes, and understand that changing your life begins with yourself, not outside circumstances or other people.

Week 2 – Dealing with Stress

If you’re like most people, stress is likely a common complaint. In this lesson in personal development, you will gain a deeper understanding of stress. Learn what it is, how it manifests itself in the body and drives motives, and how it differs from fear. Discover why people handle stress differently, and see how to differentiate helpful forms of stress from paralyzing types. This lesson will help you acknowledge your current stress, learn to deal with it in a healthier manner, and provide you with positive coping strategies.

Week 3 – Happiness from Within

If it feels like your happiness depends on something happening or not happening, it will always be a fleeting illusion. In this lesson, learn to recognize the elusiveness of this search for happiness and put an end to this destructive cycle of stress and suffering.

Week 4 – Living Responsibly

Living responsibly is a simple concept, but a challenging process. In this lesson, you will learn what it means to take responsibility for your stress and mental wellness and how to stop blaming outside circumstances and other people for the way you feel. You will discover how to view suffering as an option, rather than dragging it along with you for the rest of your life. Dealing with current mental and emotional challenges, as well as those from the past will help you achieve freedom from the inside out. 

Week 5 – Authenticity and Emotional Growth

In this personal development lesson, you will learn some of the reasons for conformity and inauthenticity, as well as how traumatic experiences from early childhood can continue to stunt emotional growth if ignored. Plus, learn how this trauma shows up in romantic relationships, reflect on who is to blame for relationship problems, and discover the motives of people pleasers. Inauthenticity carries a huge cost to your mental and emotional well-being. In this lesson you will learn how to re-discover yourself and connect with others on a deep, authentic level so you can enjoy the loving relationships you need and deserve.

Week 6 – Healing Relationships

Do you have relationships in your life that need to be healed? Whether you struggle with your parents, children, romantic partner, siblings, or an old friend, it is possible to heal. In this lesson, you will learn the importance of managing your mindset, practicing forgiveness, and being honest with yourself to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Week 7 – Healthy Communication

People often complain that there is not enough communication, but the truth is, there is plenty of it. The real problem is that it is bad communication. Learning to communicate from a sincere, honest place – not from our old hurts – is not an easy task. In this lesson, learn how to say what you need to say without creating drama and start exponentially increasing the odds of having your needs met.

How To Register:

Registration is very easy. Simply send an email to with your name and the email address where you wish to receive the course. Once payment is received, your receipt and course confirmation will be sent to you by email.


$197.00/person (50% discount: from $397 for a limited time – until Covid-19 pandemic ends)

Method of Payment:  Cheque           Payment by e-transfer 

For payments by cheque, please make payable to: Lise Leblanc Counselling and Consulting 

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