Self-Care For the Caregiver 5-Week Online Program

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Self-Care for the Caregiver is a 5-week online program that will provide you with the help you need to achieve optimum wellness as you tackle your caregiving role and responsibilities. In this program, you will learn to:
  • Identify the Underlying Cause of Stress and How to Deal with it
  • Recognize the Signs & Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout
  • Learn How to Take Charge of Your Own Wellness Needs
  • How and When to Reach Out for Help
  • Develop Conscious Awareness in all Aspects of Caregiving
 As part of this 5-week online program, you will receive the following:
  • Weekly videos
  • Course readings
  • Worksheets


Week 1 – Stress: How to Deal With it
Do you feel worn out? Overextended? Tired all the time? If so, you’re not alone. We all get stressed, but how do you know when it has gone too far? In this introductory lesson, gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of stress. Learn what stress is, how it manifests in the body, and effective ways to deal with it.

Week 2 - Caregiver Burnout
Have you noticed a decline in your mental, emotional, or physical state? Perhaps increased negativity, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, or low energy? Are you experiencing problems at work or in your relationships that you didn’t have before? Has anyone suggested you take time off, slow down, or take better care of yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be at risk for caregiver burnout. In this lesson, learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of caregiver burnout and how to identify your current stress level.

Week 3 - Self-Care
It is a given that someone who is mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually taking care of themselves will be a much better caregiver. Unfortunately, most caregivers are very good at taking care of everyone else but often are not so great at taking care of themselves. In this lesson, learn what self-care really means, as well as tips and strategies to put your own needs as a priority.

Week 4 - Reaching Out
Most of us find it hard to reach out for help, but if you are caregiving on a personal and/or professional level, learning to ask for help and saying “yes” to the help that is offered will make your life much less stressful in the long-run. It is one thing to deal with a short-term caregiving situation, but if you’re in this for the long haul, creating a caregiving community is crucial to ensuring you have the support you need to keep yourself well.

Week 5 - Conscious Caregiving
Being present with someone else requires us to be fully present within ourselves. In this lesson, you will learn to develop a conscious approach to life. By enhancing your self-awareness and learning to challenge your unproductive mental and emotional patterns, your ability to relax and enjoy your caregiving role (and all areas of your life) will increase. You will learn to pause and accept the present moment.