Healing Grief 7-Week Online Program

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Healing Grief is a 7-week online program that will provide you with information, insights, and strategies to help you heal from loss. Through concrete examples, real-life stories, practical exercises, and reflective questions, this course will answer many of your questions while guiding you to achieve an optimum state of wellness through your journey of grief and loss.  In this course, you will learn to: 
  • Understand Grief, your Grief Response, and Factors Affecting Your Recovery
  • Recognize your Grief Emotions and how to Manage Them
  • Acknowledge Your Self-Care Needs 
  • Communicate Productively During Times of Grief 
  • How and when to Reach Out for Help
  • Enhance Self-Awareness and Integrate Your Grief
The Healing Grief is a 7-week online program that includes: 
  • Weekly videos
  • Course readings
  • Worksheets
  • Daily Practical exercises


Within 24 hours of registering for this transformational online training program, you will receive your first email with instructions on how to participate. This is a fully online program that can be done from the privacy of your own home at times that are convenient for you. Everything you receive as part of this program is yours to keep and you will be able to refer back to it whenever you want.


Week 1 – Grief and Loss
Making peace with grief is not easy because it is unpredictable, irrational, stubborn, and painful, but remembering that grief is also natural, healthy, and healing can be helpful. This lesson will give you a better understanding of your grief response and the factors affecting your recovery. 
Week 2 - Grief Emotions 
Grief is a very complex emotional process and there are an incredible number of factors affecting the intensity and duration of an individual's grieving process. Despite knowing we're all mortal, we are rarely fully prepared for a loved one's death or for our own reaction to it. Therefore, this lesson will help you understand and deal with the thoughts and emotions associated to grief.  
Week 3 - Grieving Relationships
To understand your grief, it is important to understand all that has been lost. The meaning this person had to you and the needs this relationship fulfilled in your life will greatly affect your grieving process. Therefore, this lesson is aimed at helping you explore how your loss is affecting all of the areas of your life. 
Week 4 - Coping With Loss
While some seem to move forward from their loss, others, even those who have reestablished their lives and are doing well, report that their grief is always with them. It's as though a critical piece of them has been removed or altered. Although they've learned to function without this piece, their grief never truly goes away. Wherever you are on the grief continuum, this lesson is aimed at helping you adapt to your loss and cope with the emotional pain that comes with losing someone you love. 
Week 5 - Communicating in Times of Loss
When you are grieving, there may not be much anyone can say to make you feel better, but there's a lot they can say to make you feel worse. The fact is, you are suffering. You are fragile. In addition to some people's awkward or insensitive comments, you may also find that your ability to communicate has diminished during these highly emotional times. Therefore, this lesson will guide you in having the types of conversations that will help you get through your grieving process in a more positive and productive way. 
Week 6 - Conscious Grieving
This lesson is aimed at helping you examine your beliefs around death and dying and to help you consider beliefs that could help you live, die, and grieve your loss more consciously. With enhanced self-awareness and heightened consciousness, you can learn to pause and mindfully notice the experiences you are having, as opposed to getting caught in an endless cycle of suffering. 
Week 7 - Life After Loss
There may be times when you really can't see how you will ever get through this confusing, disorienting, and messy period of grieving, but this lesson is aimed at helping you do just that.