Heal from a Lifetime of Stress

Course Name: Heal from a Life of Trauma and Stress

Course Description: Heal From a Life of Trauma and Stressis a comprehensive 8-week online program designed to teach participants how to effectively deal with trauma and stress within themselves as well as in their relationships.

If you’re tired of feeling bogged down by anxiety, feelings of emptiness, disconnectedness and exhaustion, get ready to discover a life filled with freedom.

When you consider the costs of stress in your life including damaged relationships, sleepless nights, physical ailments and problems at work, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to heal so that you can achieve the life you’ve always wanted. This course will empower you with the tools, strategies and practices that will stay with you forever, so that you can see (and feel) results that will last a lifetime. Specifically, you will learn how to live your life without the overwhelming presence of trauma and stress. You will learn how to:

  • Isolate and identify causes of stress, anxiety and unhappiness in your life
  • Use techniques to overcome trauma and stress
  • Implement daily exercises to take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings
  • Communicate honestly and connect authentically with others
  • Clear out old hurts and resentments that are holding you back
  • Successfully re-program your mind for success and happiness

The program consists of:

  • Videos
  • Course Readings
  • Worksheets
  • Practice Exercises


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Heal from a Life of Trauma and Stress


Lesson Descriptions:

Introduction – Week 1

Do you want to live a happier life with better relationships and a stronger understanding of self? In this introductory lesson with personal development coach Lise Leblanc, learn what is needed to live a pain-free life filled with freedom. Discover the need for commitment, listen to the prerequisites for making changes, and understand that changing your life begins with assessing and working on yourself, not outside circumstances or other people. 

Break Free from your Story – Week 2

Many cannot imagine what life would be like without all of their stories of what has happened to them and who they believe themselves to be. On some level, these stories from the past are comforting because we often find solace in being able to identify with particular beliefs, habits and past events, even when they are traumatic. But this comfort can also keep us stuck in old patterns. In this lesson, you will learn to recognize and dis-identify from past stories that are no longer serving you so that you can start to experience a sense of emotional freedom and wellbeing.

Finding Happiness from Within – Week 3

We’ve all heard the age-old cliché: Money can’t buy happiness.Most of us have an awareness that lasting happiness cannot be found in a new house, a car, a computer, or through the intoxicating experiences of sex, drugs, alcohol, making money, a relationship, high status, food, whatever. Unfortunately, this awareness often doesn’t stop us from restlessly seeking happiness in external circumstances (possessions, achievements, and relationships). If it feels like your happiness depends on something happening or not happening, it will always be a fleeting illusion. In this lesson, learn to recognize the elusiveness of this search for happiness in external circumstances and put an end to the unproductive and destructive cycle of this restless seeking.

Dealing with Stress – Week 4

If you’re like most people, stress is likely a common complaint. In this lesson in personal development, you will gain a deeper understanding of stress. Learn what it is, how it manifests itself in the body and drives motives, and how it differs from fear. Discover why people handle stress in different ways, and see how to differentiate helpful forms of stress from paralyzing types. This lesson will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you acknowledge your current stress and deal with it in a healthy manner.

Living Responsibly – Week 5

Living responsibly is a simple concept, but a challenging process. In this lesson in personal development, you will learn what it means to take responsibility for your feelings and assume control over your life. Stop blaming outside circumstances and other people for the way you feel, and discover how to view suffering as an option, rather than an unavoidable part of living. Lise’s helpful advice and personal examples are just what you need to live a happy, stress-free life.

Authenticity and Emotional Growth – Week 6

Are you authentic in all of your relationships? Or do you hide parts of yourself to please others? In this personal development lesson, you will learn some of the reasons for conformity and inauthenticity, as well as how trauma from early childhood can continue to stunt emotional growth if ignored. Plus, learn how this trauma shows up in romantic relationships, reflect on who is to blame for relationship problems, and discover the motives of people pleasers. Inauthenticity carries a huge cost to your mental and physical well-being. In this lesson you will learn how to re-discover yourself and connect with others on a deep, authentic level so you can enjoy the loving relationships you deserve.

Healing Relationships – Week 7

Do you have relationships in your life that need to be healed? Whether you struggle with your parents, romantic partner, siblings, or an old friend, it is possible to break the cycle of pain and suffering and start healing. In this lesson, you will discover several key skills that will help you heal your relationships. Learn the importance of managing your mind, practicing forgiveness, and being honest with yourself to achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Healthy Communication – Week 8

A good relationship should have a positive energy return. Think of it as 1 + 1 = 3, meaning we bring out the best in each other, we add value, we meet our own needs and each other’s, and together we become greater than the sum of our parts. Unfortunately it seems many relationships have an energy balance in the negative (1 + 1= minus 2). When a relationship has a negative energy return, it means that needs are not being met. The real solution then is to align with each other’s needs, but in order to do so we need to start with communicating those needs.In this lesson, you will learn 10 tips that will help you communicate — especially during trying times — so you can clearly articulate your needs in a way that enhances connection and increases the likelihood of a favourable outcome.


Get full access to this course for as little as $10 USD at DailyOM.com

Heal from a Life of Trauma and Stress