Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision services to registered psychotherapists as well as qualifying RPs.

This section provides information about my credentials, clinical approach, fee structure, role, responsibilities, goals, and limits to confidentiality.

Background/Qualifications & Approach:

As a registered psychotherapist with an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, I have over 20 years of experience working in therapeutic, educational, and leadership roles. I have provided counselling services to hundreds of clients and have provided clinical supervision to several clinicians over the years through my role as Program Director of a mental health and addictions program as well as a clinical manager in the developmental and children’s mental health sectors.  In addition to my skills and experience as a psychotherapist and life coach, I am certified as a Third Party Neutral through the Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution and have experience with mediation, facilitation, and group restoration. As a counsellor, my approach involves tenants of CBT, psychotherapy, Solution-focused Brief Therapy, as well as trauma-informed care.


Goals & Objectives of Clinical Supervision:

Often times, well-meaning therapists are basing their treatment decisions and clinical process on intuition. When asked, they are not able to clearly describe the evidence-based approach/skills they are using to treat clients. As therapists, when we do not have a clear process that relies on the use of research-validated skills, we can produce negative outcomes for our clients where symptoms are not resolved and can actually worsen over time. This can cause the client to avoid therapy in the future due to lack of confidence in the effectiveness of treatment as well as lead therapists to feel incompetent and lose confidence in their clinical practice. Therefore, the goals of clinical supervision are to:

  • Review the clinician’s current clinical skills, practices and processes, including:
    • Case conceptualization,
    • Goal setting & treatment planning,
    • Treatment and session structure, 
    • Evidence-based techniques/skills,
    • Consolidation, wrap-up and termination
    • Crisis planning
  • Collaborate with the counsellor to create a plan that will enable him or her to maximize and enhance current skill set while also developing new skills
  • Provide tools and techniques that will help the counsellor increase therapeutic efficacy
  • Review case files and provide direction as needed
  • Provide opportunity for review of interaction between the counsellor and his/her clients regarding the nature, direction, and effectiveness of the interventions
  • Assist the counsellor in developing insights regarding how to challenge clients at a deeper lever in order to achieve more successful outcomes
  • Facilitate the counsellor’s self-awareness to ensure the “conscious use of self”


Supervision sessions are 100% confidential, however by law, I am required to report suspected abuse, and/or safeguard the wellbeing of someone who is deemed to be an imminent danger to themselves and/or others. Additionally, I may be required to respond to a subpoena, court order, or if required to testify in court.



I will not retain documentation about client cases that are discussed in clinical supervision sessions, however the number of hours of clinical supervision will be recorded. Additionally, if requested, a plan with specifics goals can be developed in collaboration with the counsellor. 


Fee Structure:

$125 per hour – by phone or zoom meeting


If you are seeking clinical supervision services, please contact me at 705-358-0551 or by email at Please note that my full resume is available upon request