How to Keep a Relationship Fulfilling

Course Name:  How to Keep a Relationship Fulfilling

Course Description: This 4-week online program is designed to teach participants how to reconnect with their partner on all levels – mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually and beyond. If you want a healthy loving relationship that can go the distance, follow along with this course and learn how to turn the focus inward and work out some of your mental/emotional blocks instead of blaming your partner. Along the way, you’ll learn how to let go of resentment, focus on your partner’s needs, forgive yourself and others and find your own happiness. To get free access to this course, sign up in the box on the home page: How to Keep a Relationship Fulfilling


This course consists of:

  • Videos
  • Course Readings
  • Worksheets
  • Practice Exercises


Lesson Descriptions:


Lesson 1 – 21-Days to Getting the Love that You Want

Many unhappy couples are in a cycle of withholding one another’s needs. In this lesson, learn how to meet each other’s needs for a more fulfilling relationship.

Lesson 2 – How to Bring A Happier You to Your Relationship

Learn how to shake off negative thoughts and remove mental blocks with this lesson on finding more happiness in your relationship and yourself.

Lesson 3 – 5 Steps to Forgive the One You Love

One of the greatest hurdles you can face in relationships is learning to forgive. Get a crash course in the importance of forgiveness with this lesson.

Lesson 4 – Communicating Honestly in a Relationship

Learn how to communicate honestly and free yourself from resentment with this lesson from an experienced relationship coach and psychotherapist.